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Community Thanksgiving Service

The Community Thanksgiving Service will be held at Seven Oaks Presbyterian on Sunday, November 24 at 7:00 p.m. Come join with neighbors and friends from 4 other congregations as we show our gratitude to God. A special offering will be collected for Sharing God’s Love. We are fulfilling our mission statement,  “Loving our Neighbor…..Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Monday Morning Ladies Bible Study
Meets in the Fellowship classroom. They are studying the book of Leviticus and will begin the discussion from Creation, the first murder, Jacob and all his women, the Tower of Babel and more. Come and be part of this study!!

Event Registration (such as Koinonia, Church Picnic, etc.)

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Men’s Lanterns Community Prayer Group

Every Friday, 6:45am —

Chin Church

The Columbia Chin Christian Church meets at SOPC every Sunday night at 6:00pm.