Lenten Devotional from Pastor Creighton

Many years ago in Vacation Bible School, we made bookmarks and other crafts that had this verse inscribed and we gave them to our friends. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s the reason there is joy when we pray for our joy brings joy to our God. It’s the reason prayers are answered and sometimes unanswered because in those prayers we are both heard and cared for in this life, even amidst difficulty. It’s the reason we as a church are called to pray deeply this Lenten season because our God wants nothing more than to give grace and for us to pour this out on those around us, to share God’s light.
This Lenten Season you are encouraged to examine your prayers. Will your prayers make a difference to anyone outside your small circle of friends and family? Is there faith in your prayers that God will have the opportunity to answer in the abundant grace which he wishes to give unto ‘others’? Have you prayed for your church and for discernment into the future? Take the time this Lent to seek, to knock, and to ask anew that God will move mountains for the world to be able to say together in one voice, Do unto others and ask God to grow your faith as you pray today.

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