Please read below to find out more about ReShape!



  • It is time for us to come together. Listen to one another, pray and study together, and consider what God has in store for us as expressions of the body of Christ.


  • SOPC is starting a listening and discernment initiative called “Re-Shape”. We have hired the Pinnacle Leadership Group to help facilitate this process.  There are six other churches who will go through this process at the same time, so that we can all benefit from each others’ experiences. Re-Shape differs from traditional approaches, in that it involves the whole congregation, not just the pastor and the session. We will learn about the issues, assess them with the guidance of Pinnacle Leadership, and determine how we best grow into more complete disciples of Christ.


  • All who are in search of becoming a greater expression of the body of Christ (you do NOT need to be a member, anyone is welcome)!


  • At church, in homes, in restaurants and coffee shops, in parks, wherever your group decides to meet.


  • Planning and volunteer recruitment is going on now. A Launch event is planned for Sunday, September 12 immediately following worship. Lunch and childcare will be provided. Small groups will begin work the week of September 13-17 and continue for weekly for eight weeks until the week of November 1-5.


  • EVERYONE is strongly encouraged to participate as a part of a small group. The small groups will meet weekly for eight weeks, using a carefully designed process by Pinnacle Leadership that is designed to guide us. The small group process will lead to an informed and well discerned series of observations and recommendations that will be provided to a Coordinating Committee to compile into a final report for approval by the Session.

Above all, pray and answer the call for tomorrow here at SOPC!

In love and peace,

Pastor Jana Creighton