At Seven Oaks a group of active members called Shepherds help the church keep in touch with each person in the congregation. The Shepherds keep track with what’s going on in member’s lives, reporting back to the church when they have illnesses or other issues where the church can help. The Shepherds make calls, send emails and notes and visit so every member can feel a close connection with the church.
Another focus of the church is lending support to members and their families when they face difficulties such as illness and bereavement. The church’s wonderful volunteers visit those members, brings meals and other treats, and let those members know that the church cares and is here to help.

At Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, each member is valued.  Whether they are the most active leaders or homebound members who can’t travel, SOPC stays in touch and reaches out in times of need.  Seven Oaks’ position as a medium-sized community church allows us to make sure that all members can enjoy the support and care that can make a positive difference in their lives.